Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ganjaran blogger yg aktif dan mantap..wahhhh this is truely blogger !!

lets share about one famous blogger in malaysia , redmummy. she is no one but a full time worker and a part time blogger. but i can say that she blog not only during weekend but weekday during her night time...such an effort is paid! cash !!! congratulations to redmummmy as even though she is busy with her career and mother and 'wifey' to reddaddy but she is manageable in blogging.

lets be optimistic and realistic with her blogging's income. this is not an easy job but i believe redmummy has put all the efforts toward her success.
to redmummy, long live redmummy !!!!! yeayyyyy

below is her income via her 2 advertising's company which is churp churp and nuffnang....

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Anonymous said...


tapi duit2 tu sume saya tak dpt usik
coz savings for the future


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