Thursday, February 17, 2011

i have won a Gassan ladies diamond a lucky draw during Reliance CNY dinner...hohoho

hi all...

yesterday ive received a call from HR Department ..its Voon who made the call...

No no no..dont get ur self wrong yeah? im not been sacked by the company !! eheheeeee

well, actually im waiting for the call since Monday...after i ve won myself...a diamond watch by Gassan

HR people promised that the lucky draw gift can be ready by this week or next Monday the latest.

Its becouse , the watch which is imported from Amsterdam is brought by Reliance's Tour Manager who are

managing Reliance's group and guided tour to Europe.... you are.......

..fresh from oven........ekekeke

well..give beloved readers, some suprise..hehe

its too good to be truE huh?? heheeeeeeee..........:D


Restaurants Brugge said...

what nice looking watch i love and try it will soon.

Restaurants Brugge said...

Oh really great watch location images and great look I really love this post.

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