Wednesday, February 2, 2011

new job

hi all

such a long break before i had a time to upload my blog

million apologies for the delay..being a mother to a 6 months baby (she just turn 6 months yesterday !!) ..being an employee to the company...being a wife to my husband and being a daughter to my parents is not easy one...
yeahh..everyone has their own capabilities and limitation...not only me..i admit that the above scenario is not only happen to me but any other normal human being.

well, just to share something new with you , all my beloved readers, i just recently tender resignation from the company that im working now..such decision is being made after twice and triple thought and thinking.

for god's sake this decision is not an easy one but has been considered with all major and minor it family and it time and money..erk dollor and cents.....

i always believe that bottom of the line is, one should consider to sacrifice a bit in order to gain something....

as a summary i can say that im moving forward to climb another stage ahead in my career for the past 7 years working in a prestige travel agency..i would like to take one step and challenge myself.

there is no risk free situation in this world....we should go on with our life and discover it ourself. of course we will pray for the best so that everything will run smoothly ...InsyaAllah..

After Chinese New Year i shall be updated by HR department with my last day date in Reliance Shipping & Travel Agencies Sdn Bhd.

yeahhh to all readers who is celebrating Chinese New Year, may i take this opportunity to wish Gong Xi Fa Chai !!!! have a prsperous and blessed Rabbit Year !!!!! yeahhhh


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