Wednesday, January 19, 2011




In conjuction with new year, Sunway Group of Hotels would like to give u a golden chance to win a 3 day 2 nights stay at overseas hotel. You also had a chance to win an accomodation in Sunway Hotel in Malaysia itself, namely at Bandar Sunway, Selangor and 2 hotels in Penang namely Seberang Jaya and Georgetown.

All you have to do is log on to website
and then you are required to do below simple step :-

1.register with your full name and email address

2.ensure that your name and email address is listed in the participation list

3.look out for the daily winners at their official website or via facebook.

come on and do it today !!! NOW !!!!!

All the best !


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

its today...18th Jan

new history will be created in the next ..

..say about 10 hours time ? or it could be lesser than that...? we'll see...something for u beloved readers to check it out..

what its all about?? well, its nothing else but a life that needs to go on...

I always believe that one has to sacrifice something in order to gain something..isnt it true?

We should not be complacent with what ever that we have..yeah indeed, we must be thankful, but it is wrong for us to take up the new challenges..?
Is it too bad for one to holding the 'question mark' in their hands?

Or do we want to see a continuos 'dotted dot' without any ending? Or is it good to leave a 'space' forever?

Come On , people !!

Live your life...

Decide and make it happen !! today...!

and the best quote for today is...lets walk the TALK.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

my dad's belated birthday dinner at arabic cafe

Last nite we had the belated birthday dinner, for our dad, credit to my younger brother..oh not becouse of the sponsorship but the recommendation on the venue.....

Normally we ll had the family gathering or so call 'meet2 together' at a normal Malay type restaurant,  i think the previous gathering is a lunch treat at Ayam Penyet Restaurant, Shah Alam.

So..its Arab Cafe.......any balle dance perfomance there? hahaha..My first impression about the menu is all sorts of food with spice and hot foods....but guess what? Its not so spicy..actually not at all..i guess sambal belacan is more hot, oohhhh..

Most of the menu is consist of Lamb and Chicken...It also had a choice of vege and salad....pita bread...rice........and sorts of their dessert. I chose Chicken Auknah. Its serve with pita bread, or some call it roti Taliban...dunno
why ahh...

Why im not choosing Lamb ?? I guess, i ll prefer chicken instead of lamb. I can say that i will only enjoy a lamb if its grill. Think back, i had the first and the best lamb grill during my hubby's paintball breakfasting event at MAPAC, Padang Astaka, PJ.

errrr...before i had a chance to enjoy my meal, my little baby had a not so comfortable environment..and she s also thirsty. She s still on breastfeed milk. Thought that she is sleepy..but no, my impression is totally wrong. I guess beside thirsty, she also want her diapers to be changed...hoho.....not so comfortable, damia? heheeeee

Well, overall.....with a nice arabic ambience, i can give 4 star to the Arab Cafe...Thumbs up !!! May be if the cafe is located at a bigger space the owner can put more arab that it will looks more arabic. Hope to had a chance to come over again, next time.

By the way, Arab Cafe is located at a shoploat area at Section 7, Shah Alam. Its opposite UITM 's back entrance. The shoplot is same row with Sup Ani Utara..

Well, such a long time i did not had my favourite soup at Sup Ani Utara...ehehehe....

Will upload picture of our dinner soon..........well, picture speaks thousand words...hoho


Friday, January 14, 2011

should i change my job??

Everybody will have the same situation but i bet you, in a different scenario.

By next Monday, 17th Jan i shall be able to make a decision....hard decision in my life......that may effect the whole entire of my life....that may add in stress to myself n people that i love.

Hahaha..sounds very serious, yeah ??

However in this life i always believe that you are not alone....and we have to admit that we did not depend on one or two person only, but you have the world !

I guess, the most important thing is my husband and my parents are fully aware on the plan and they blessed me ... yeayyy

How about you out there ???

Had any experience before ?? Care to share it here ? Go ahead and drop a few words or lines, OK?