Saturday, February 19, 2011

Reliance's ex colleagues :::: cry ..cry mode...eheheeee :::::

Hi all......

with Iyris..she has left for another Travel Agent in town.....she left us about 2 and half years ago..huhuuuuuu

left one is Li Yee . she has left Reliance Klang sometime in year 2009...follow with Isaac Wong who has left Reliance Puchong in year 2010 but joined Reliance Subang Parade last Chee Hua ...then Catherine has also left Reliance Klang sometime in year 2010....

Freida has left us in year 2008.....she would like to focus in her dance skill

Zauyani has left Reliance TTDI in year 2010...she is now a Tourism lecturer in JB Polytechnic...

Marina has left us in year 2008 and joined Reliance USJ Taipan......however she become a full housewife in year 2009

Nicole has left Reliamce Ipoh in year 2009 ...she moved to JB with her husband and kids....

Sophia has left Reliance Shah Alam in year 2009 ..she return back to her hometown...and still in travel line.

Cherine has left IMS in year 2010 and return back to another company under Reliance Pacific Berhad. Currently she involve in IT  

top from left is Helen, Peggy, me follow by Rachel, kak Zaiton and Kak Ella. Helen and Rachel has left us in year 2010, Kak Ella has left in year 2009. Helen is currently work closely with Tourism Australia. 

wahhh this picture is taken during Reliance Social Club 's team building at Bagan Lalang. Kok Wei has also left us

i guess most of you must be wondering what is this post about??

who's picture is those??

why must i upload it here???

im still stuck in office while waiting for my husband. Yeah, today is Reliance's working day and we work until 1pm. I will fetch my husband later as he is one of the marshall for Ambank Paintball Tournament held in MAPAC, Petaling Jaya.

while doing some spring cleaning in my computer, hehehe..sound weird uhhh? its suppose to sound like this ....while deleting all the unnecessary documents in my desktop and manage all the documents, i found all the pictures that i kept since 2003 !

one common thing about the above pictures is most of them has left Reliance for whatsoever reason......

bottom of the line, i am so happy for them and i will always cherish our moments together !!!!

All the best friends !!


Francis Chin said...

Thanks Sha for uploading these memorable photos ! It sure does brings back memories.

Time flies indeed. :)

Take care and make a difference in people lives !
Francis Chin

th3b0r3dsha said...

Yes Francis i will always remember Reliance Social Club tag line...
::work hard:: play hard ::

keep in touch ok

Romantic Dinner said...

Wow Fantastic your all photo's and very nice post. good family and nice idea. thanks

Hotel in Brugge said...

Lovely posting and cool idea . Nice Look and beautiful your family and groups pics .

University Exam Result said...

pretty looks !!! perfect posting for cool family.

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