Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hi all..

Gong Hei !! Gong Hei !!!! Gong Hei Fatt Chai !!

nyum nyummmmm.... this is another event filled with and angpaw...lion dance and luck..and suprises. On top of all this event is one the main highlights in my blog !!

every year Reliance Pacific Berhad will organise a CNY dinner either in hotel or chinese restaurant outside. All the staffs and company under the motherboard, Reliance Pacific Berhad will be invited, be it from KL, outstation offices like Reliance Penang and overseas office like our Reliance Shanghai and etc. During the dinner, its not only Travel Division but other Division like Hotel Division, our brothers and sisters from Avillion Port Dickson, Legacy Malacca and ecetra...ecetra..........

nice introduction, dont u think so? huhuhuhu

Last year they are having the dinner at Dragonboat Chinese Rest..

This year...they choose Chong Fatt Seafood Garden Rest. at Jln Imbi.

Its actually located nearby Pasar Rakyat.

However pls bare in mind that Reliance is always very tolerate and understand its Muslim's colleague. Every year Reliance will engaged outsider caterer to bring the Halal Food to the restaurant. This year Reliance choose Strudels..........

Some of the menu for us is Vege Spring Roll wiz Thai Sauce...

oxtail broth Soto style....soto ala2 sup ekor....

Ayam Golek Berkuah...

Brocolli wiz Black mushroom

Nyonya Prawn Curry ******this is superb !!!! **

Sambal Ikan with Lime....... *simply delicious !! **

Kurma and raisin rice......and lots more...

well the theme of the night is of

The day started with birthday celebration for Reliance staffs who was born in Oct 2010-Mar 2011 month. hahahaa.....i'm included.....birthday girl...let sing a birthday song together and ...lets blow the candles together....

then continue with lunch ..and non Muslim try their luck in some of the games ...huhu...this time round they are given a sweets as their chips..hoho...

at 3.30pm continue with LION DANCE ...huhuuuuuu

dong dong dong changgg !!! dong dong dong cheng !! the sounds of the drums..

wah...lion want to purchase a holiday package..huhu

Then the itinerary of the days follow with Lion Acrobatic Show...

yeah held at infront of Megan Phileo Avenue II, Jln Yap Kwan Seng....huhuhuuuuuu with a nice KLCC view. Well, earlier we thought that its going to be rain, but we were suprised that the weather remain cloudy without any rain during the performance and its only raining a few second before the lions end their ac-ro-ba-tic performance ! whoshh!!!

lion acrobatic show with KLCC magnificent view.......!!


my ex boss , Ms Polline and my current boss , Ms Jeannie
myself and kak Izat

and here we are at Chong Fatt Garden Seafood Rest, Jln Imbi....

start with yee sang !!! the higher the yee sang is, the more lucky u are

wiz kak izat, sarafina and christa

with liana n kak izat

with our Managing Director (Travel Division) Mr Tan Sin Chong
and the best part i won myself one of the lucky draw .....huhuhu....looking back to the earlier years...i have won hotel accomodation in langkawi in year 2004 and 2005. Both prizes have been given to my parents as their anniversary gift..hehehehehe...... its The Andaman hotel stay and Berjaya Langkawi hotel.

This year...i won a Gassan ladies diamond watch....huhuhu,imported from Amsterdam.

let me update the picture of this watch later....suprise !!!!


Anonymous said...

wat an awesome party held by yr employee... BTW it might be the last n final CNY event join by yrself b4 yu lock in to other company.. Well... show off yr lucky present!!!

Anonymous said...

yeahhh its my employer , pls get urself right anyway...i m the employee...heheeeee....its okay..anyway TQ for droppin ur sweets comments here...realy appreciate it.

indeed this isnt the final event held by my employer..pls come back again as im updating a new event, 'Love' Franchisee CNY dinner ..held on Feb 14, 2011 at Inter Continental Hotel..formally known as Nikko Hotel....

check it out !!


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