Friday, February 25, 2011

Its Tomorrow :: 25 fact its today....

"pertemuan..perpisahan......adalah lumrah biasa....."

" hilang di mata tapi di hati......tidak lupa......"

this is just a few lines of the malay version of Aud Lang Syne song. A song that we used to sing whenever there is someone who used to be part of us will soon be separated or departed.
A song that we may sing it together with our schoolmates whenever the Headmistress is leaving the school....

A song that we may occasionally heard at KLIA upon departure of someone that we close to....

or during a farewell !!!

I just cant sleep tonite...Besides my little girl who is also not easily fall asleep tonight, myself just cant lay down....Once the baby sleep tightly in her baby cot, i found myself connected to the Internet. Arghhhhh its been a while that i didnt update any post in my beloved blog.

To all my beloved readers, Firstly thanks for all the support....i can see an improvement in my blog's viewers...Arigato gazaimasu !!!!

Hope that I m still in time to wish u ...Welcome To my Blog.........and Happy surfing!Happy reading !

ok back to the topic.................the reason why i started with Aud Lang  SyneSong is because i will be leaving the company tomorrow......I will resign and tomorrow is my last working day in Reliance Shipping & Travel Agencies Sdn Bhd. 


In another few hours its going to be my last day after SEVEN WONDERFUL YEARS 's working experience in Reliance.

I guess the feelings to leave my SEVEN WONDERFUL YEARS in Reliance would be the greatest challenge compared to leave my  :-
ONE NASTY YEAR in kindergarden,
SIX SWEET YEARS in primary school, 
FIVE EXCELLENT YEARS in secondary school, 
ONE HECTIC YEAR in matriculation and 
FOUR TREMENDOUS YEARS in pursuing Degree.

It is just like yesterday when my sister (Facebook : Azhuda Shah) accompanied me to KLCC LRT and showed me the way to Megan Phileo Avenue II, Jln Yap Kwan Seng. Yeah I remember that morning from KLCC LRT station, she brought me to the fountain area in KLCC lobby area. After she gave me some directions, from that point, I walked myself towards Jln Yap Kwan Seng. Yup, at that time my sister is working at Menara Tan & Tan and she suppose to stop her journey at Ampang Park LRT station. But becouse of her cute little sweetie sister is suppose to attend Reliance interview ton hat day, she volunteer to help. ngeeee.........Thank you, enda !!! muahhhh....Jasamu dikenang !!

And i still remember there is one night when i accompanied my sister (Facebook : Rozilawati Shahrudin) to sleep as she is pregnant during that time. It is few days after  Matta Fair and it is a weekday. The next  following day I was been told that I talk while sleeping last night. Ewwwww ...hahaha... She informed me that the version is like..."yeah 3 days package"..."ticketing deadline is nineteen..." bla..bla...bla....
Oh my Gucci !!! Am i that workaholic ??? erk, i dont think so..huhu

But even though there so MANY ...M-A-N-Y stories to tell....may experience to shout out, either sweet ..or the other way round, one must always remember that once a door is open for us, we must keep on walking ...and not distracted to look behind. Yes, we may just look back for a second but dont hold back.

Let me ends my post with the english version of Aud Lang Syne song...enjoy yeah?

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old lang syne ?
For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne, we'll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne.
And surely you’ll buy your pint cup !
and surely I’ll buy mine !
And we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.
We two have run about the slopes,
and picked the daisies fine ;
But we’ve wandered many a weary foot,
since auld lang syne.
We two have paddled in the stream,
from morning sun till dine ;
But seas between us broad have roared
since auld lang syne.
And there’s a hand my trusty friend !
And give us a hand o’ thine !
And we’ll take a right good-will draught,
for auld lang syne.
Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Reliance's ex colleagues :::: cry ..cry mode...eheheeee :::::

Hi all......

with Iyris..she has left for another Travel Agent in town.....she left us about 2 and half years ago..huhuuuuuu

left one is Li Yee . she has left Reliance Klang sometime in year 2009...follow with Isaac Wong who has left Reliance Puchong in year 2010 but joined Reliance Subang Parade last Chee Hua ...then Catherine has also left Reliance Klang sometime in year 2010....

Freida has left us in year 2008.....she would like to focus in her dance skill

Zauyani has left Reliance TTDI in year 2010...she is now a Tourism lecturer in JB Polytechnic...

Marina has left us in year 2008 and joined Reliance USJ Taipan......however she become a full housewife in year 2009

Nicole has left Reliamce Ipoh in year 2009 ...she moved to JB with her husband and kids....

Sophia has left Reliance Shah Alam in year 2009 ..she return back to her hometown...and still in travel line.

Cherine has left IMS in year 2010 and return back to another company under Reliance Pacific Berhad. Currently she involve in IT  

top from left is Helen, Peggy, me follow by Rachel, kak Zaiton and Kak Ella. Helen and Rachel has left us in year 2010, Kak Ella has left in year 2009. Helen is currently work closely with Tourism Australia. 

wahhh this picture is taken during Reliance Social Club 's team building at Bagan Lalang. Kok Wei has also left us

i guess most of you must be wondering what is this post about??

who's picture is those??

why must i upload it here???

im still stuck in office while waiting for my husband. Yeah, today is Reliance's working day and we work until 1pm. I will fetch my husband later as he is one of the marshall for Ambank Paintball Tournament held in MAPAC, Petaling Jaya.

while doing some spring cleaning in my computer, hehehe..sound weird uhhh? its suppose to sound like this ....while deleting all the unnecessary documents in my desktop and manage all the documents, i found all the pictures that i kept since 2003 !

one common thing about the above pictures is most of them has left Reliance for whatsoever reason......

bottom of the line, i am so happy for them and i will always cherish our moments together !!!!

All the best friends !!

Friday, February 18, 2011

'Love' Franchisee CNY dinner .... :: Feb 14, 2011 ::

hi all...

nice event's name, am i right?

it was initiated by Reliance's management in conjunction with Valentine Day ....what a coincidence...Actually not many staff agreed to have a company 's function during Valentine..yeah yeahhh everyone is planning to have their own planned Valentine's dinner with BF/Husband/Family, ecetra.......

yes please dont get me wrong...most of the staff in Reliance is  a non muslim staff....and they have no restrictions to celebrate Valentine, ok? heheeee

however ..most of the senior staffs and suprisingly junior staff has forgo their so calles .... :: Valentine's Dinner ::: hohoho

yeahhhh thats the spirit, Reliance's Team !!

ok back to the function...Every year, be it Buka Puasa..or Chinese New Year, Reliance under Ideal Malaysian Support sdn bhd....(the management company of Reliance Franchise System ) will organise a dedicated event just to celebrate its franchisee's owners and staffs....

this year we choose Toh Li Chinese Restaurant at Intercontinental Hotel which is formally known as Nikko Hotel, located at Jln Ampang as the venue.

We choose the Auspicious CNY Dinner Set for 6 tables......

Most of our Klang Valley's franchisee owner and staff attend this function....happily.....

Lets start with yee sang....

every tables shout for million tour & ticket sales this rabbit year !! ehehe

OK Lets proceed with more and more pictures taken during the dinner.....

One of the highlights of that night is an introduction of a new and latest apppointed Reliance's franchisee , named Warisan Juara Travel and tours sdn bhd located at Bukit Kemuning, Shah Alam....

Welcome to Reliance's Family !!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

i have won a Gassan ladies diamond a lucky draw during Reliance CNY dinner...hohoho

hi all...

yesterday ive received a call from HR Department ..its Voon who made the call...

No no no..dont get ur self wrong yeah? im not been sacked by the company !! eheheeeee

well, actually im waiting for the call since Monday...after i ve won myself...a diamond watch by Gassan

HR people promised that the lucky draw gift can be ready by this week or next Monday the latest.

Its becouse , the watch which is imported from Amsterdam is brought by Reliance's Tour Manager who are

managing Reliance's group and guided tour to Europe.... you are.......

..fresh from oven........ekekeke

well..give beloved readers, some suprise..hehe

its too good to be truE huh?? heheeeeeeee..........:D

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hi all..

Gong Hei !! Gong Hei !!!! Gong Hei Fatt Chai !!

nyum nyummmmm.... this is another event filled with and angpaw...lion dance and luck..and suprises. On top of all this event is one the main highlights in my blog !!

every year Reliance Pacific Berhad will organise a CNY dinner either in hotel or chinese restaurant outside. All the staffs and company under the motherboard, Reliance Pacific Berhad will be invited, be it from KL, outstation offices like Reliance Penang and overseas office like our Reliance Shanghai and etc. During the dinner, its not only Travel Division but other Division like Hotel Division, our brothers and sisters from Avillion Port Dickson, Legacy Malacca and ecetra...ecetra..........

nice introduction, dont u think so? huhuhuhu

Last year they are having the dinner at Dragonboat Chinese Rest..

This year...they choose Chong Fatt Seafood Garden Rest. at Jln Imbi.

Its actually located nearby Pasar Rakyat.

However pls bare in mind that Reliance is always very tolerate and understand its Muslim's colleague. Every year Reliance will engaged outsider caterer to bring the Halal Food to the restaurant. This year Reliance choose Strudels..........

Some of the menu for us is Vege Spring Roll wiz Thai Sauce...

oxtail broth Soto style....soto ala2 sup ekor....

Ayam Golek Berkuah...

Brocolli wiz Black mushroom

Nyonya Prawn Curry ******this is superb !!!! **

Sambal Ikan with Lime....... *simply delicious !! **

Kurma and raisin rice......and lots more...

well the theme of the night is of

The day started with birthday celebration for Reliance staffs who was born in Oct 2010-Mar 2011 month. hahahaa.....i'm included.....birthday girl...let sing a birthday song together and ...lets blow the candles together....

then continue with lunch ..and non Muslim try their luck in some of the games ...huhu...this time round they are given a sweets as their chips..hoho...

at 3.30pm continue with LION DANCE ...huhuuuuuu

dong dong dong changgg !!! dong dong dong cheng !! the sounds of the drums..

wah...lion want to purchase a holiday package..huhu

Then the itinerary of the days follow with Lion Acrobatic Show...

yeah held at infront of Megan Phileo Avenue II, Jln Yap Kwan Seng....huhuhuuuuuu with a nice KLCC view. Well, earlier we thought that its going to be rain, but we were suprised that the weather remain cloudy without any rain during the performance and its only raining a few second before the lions end their ac-ro-ba-tic performance ! whoshh!!!

lion acrobatic show with KLCC magnificent view.......!!


my ex boss , Ms Polline and my current boss , Ms Jeannie
myself and kak Izat

and here we are at Chong Fatt Garden Seafood Rest, Jln Imbi....

start with yee sang !!! the higher the yee sang is, the more lucky u are

wiz kak izat, sarafina and christa

with liana n kak izat

with our Managing Director (Travel Division) Mr Tan Sin Chong
and the best part i won myself one of the lucky draw .....huhuhu....looking back to the earlier years...i have won hotel accomodation in langkawi in year 2004 and 2005. Both prizes have been given to my parents as their anniversary gift..hehehehehe...... its The Andaman hotel stay and Berjaya Langkawi hotel.

This year...i won a Gassan ladies diamond watch....huhuhu,imported from Amsterdam.

let me update the picture of this watch later....suprise !!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trip to Genting Highlands :: with our 6 months baby !!

hi all...

the trip was actually an impromtu husband is actually giving me an option whether we should go to genting highlands or rabbit farm at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. heheeeeee both are located at Pahang Darul Makmur...

Actually during my pregnancy last time, i always request him to bring me to Genting Highlands, well for a short break, just to hang up and the environment and fresh air up there...

but of course during pregnancy , to me, one should think for the worst. we cant be hipocrit . but we have to think about the little one in our tummy. yeah yeah yeahhhh im a bit conservative..but its always best to listen to what the oldies have to say. dont you think so?

after all , they are the one who has experience everything before us !!

so think twice, both me and my husband did not spend our weekend at Genting. Yeah, try not to attract to those 360 degrees rides...flying coaster and what not. It just not suits for a pregnant lady like me.

so since our baby is 6 months old on the Wilayah Day, its 1st Feb 2011, so i choose GENTING HIGHLANDS..YEAHHHHH....

May be we'l bring our baby to Rabbit farm some other time, preferably when she is a bit older.....say 3 years old? eheheehhhhhe

we start the journey from cheras at erm....hehe..12pm. we drove kenari hehe..the driver must be very a patient driver as the lane is very very challenging ! erm sorry im not that type of driver. i think i must drive half way and then change to co-pilot seat..haha....

yes our auto - Kenari managed to bring 3 of us up to Genting. We reached at 2pm and we straight away go and find fast food...yes we are so hungry !!! after park our car at p4 we walk through the building to the main area, consist of the casino, fast food restaurant, restaurants, arcade game, , souveniour shops, hotel and etc...

yeah with baby stroller, our journey become more smooth...heheeeee

uhuhhuuuuu to be is crying lahhh....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

th3b0r3dshA: peeksology:basic and intermediate wedding photography workshop

th3b0r3dshA: peeksology:basic and intermediate wedding photography workshop

peeksology:basic and intermediate wedding photography workshop

hi all..

such a long long chinese new year leave...isit? so many to tell and share wiz u all during the holidays yet so many limitations...arrrrr just an ordinary excuse...!! another excuse and excuse !!!

ok we start from here...

just wud like to share with my beloved readers...preety peektures..haha the famous photographer 'brand' in our country..that used to cooperate with malaysian celebrities as their official wedding photographer, to name a few...ning baizura....adlin aman ramli and emelda..darling ngasri...and so many preety peektures are going to organise a workshop that is specially dedicated to someone who lurves taking photograph and the same time wud like to enhance their skill and who knows, one day he will become a wedding photographer....

peeksology : basic and intermediate wedding photography workshop will be held in Pee Jay...this coming 26 and 27 Feb...pls find more details below..........

Date : Feb 26 (for basic) and Feb 27 (for intermediate)
Venue : Shah Village Hotel, Petaling Jaya (next to A&W)
Time : 9 am till 7 pm

what are u getting?

breakfast + lunch + tea
notes and t shirt will be provided
and interesting offers from their partners !!

RM650 for basic
RM900 for intermediate
both is a normal rate, since u have missed the early bird rates, which is rm500 and rm700 respectively shud you pay 50% before 1st Feb 2011...
and enroll for both workshop for rm1450..early bird pay rm1000.

any RSVP or enquiry pls directly contact Mr Min at 013-670 1890 or email at or you may visit their official website at

so i hope with this updates , you could spend the weekend wait no more, block ur rabbit year calendar and RSVP to preety peektures accordingly. we hope to see more and more creative and competitive wedding photographer in the future ....

malaysia boleh ! thats the spirit !!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ganjaran blogger yg aktif dan mantap..wahhhh this is truely blogger !!

lets share about one famous blogger in malaysia , redmummy. she is no one but a full time worker and a part time blogger. but i can say that she blog not only during weekend but weekday during her night time...such an effort is paid! cash !!! congratulations to redmummmy as even though she is busy with her career and mother and 'wifey' to reddaddy but she is manageable in blogging.

lets be optimistic and realistic with her blogging's income. this is not an easy job but i believe redmummy has put all the efforts toward her success.
to redmummy, long live redmummy !!!!! yeayyyyy

below is her income via her 2 advertising's company which is churp churp and nuffnang....

credit to

new job

hi all

such a long break before i had a time to upload my blog

million apologies for the delay..being a mother to a 6 months baby (she just turn 6 months yesterday !!) ..being an employee to the company...being a wife to my husband and being a daughter to my parents is not easy one...
yeahh..everyone has their own capabilities and limitation...not only me..i admit that the above scenario is not only happen to me but any other normal human being.

well, just to share something new with you , all my beloved readers, i just recently tender resignation from the company that im working now..such decision is being made after twice and triple thought and thinking.

for god's sake this decision is not an easy one but has been considered with all major and minor it family and it time and money..erk dollor and cents.....

i always believe that bottom of the line is, one should consider to sacrifice a bit in order to gain something....

as a summary i can say that im moving forward to climb another stage ahead in my career for the past 7 years working in a prestige travel agency..i would like to take one step and challenge myself.

there is no risk free situation in this world....we should go on with our life and discover it ourself. of course we will pray for the best so that everything will run smoothly ...InsyaAllah..

After Chinese New Year i shall be updated by HR department with my last day date in Reliance Shipping & Travel Agencies Sdn Bhd.

yeahhh to all readers who is celebrating Chinese New Year, may i take this opportunity to wish Gong Xi Fa Chai !!!! have a prsperous and blessed Rabbit Year !!!!! yeahhhh