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"My Nuffnang Story" & Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 (NAPBAS)

Hello everybody?

Has anyone heard about twitter hashtag #NAPBAS ? NO??? Yes??????

Errr..how about this ...an event to honour all the bloggers around Asia Pacific? To name a few, the bloggers from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.

Well, here are some of the info......

Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region's best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.
As a proud Nuffnang blogger, I'm so excited to join the crowd and attend to this awesome event!

How I wish that I could have the invitation card as follow :-

But first, let me share with you, my beloved readers, about My Nuffnang Story.

I have joined Nuffnang community soon as I owned a personal blog. Flash back, I have created my Nuffnang account dated 12th February 2011. It is actually quite some time that I became a Nuffnanger but I always consider myself as a new fresh blood to the Nuffnangers !!!

With Nuffnangers, I managed to spread the updates among my own community such as my family members, my friends, my colleague and others. Good things are meant to be shared, right? Besides that I have made new friends and enlarged my social networking. Isn't it cool to have a bigger community and share the same passion for blogging? Cool, huh? Well, I find it super cool !!!! I also entitled for a product first hand promo and updates. Recently, I have attended Astro B.yond IPTV's event and it was a good exposure to review and get to know the product better !! Moreovers, I'm one of the lucky Nuffnangers as I walked away with RM100 cash voucher during that night !!!!  

On top of all, I hope that I could motivate myself to become a better person with Nuffnang besides earning some cash !! As a part of Nuffnang community I'm looking forward for a win-win situation that could contribute not for both party, but for 3 parties which is Nuffnang, myself and my blog.

OK that's the end of My Nuffnang Story.

Let's focus to the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 !! Here are some of the pictures taken during NAPBAS 2009.....


You are also entitled to nominate for your favourite blogs for each category. However a blog can only be nominated once and you cant nominate the blog if someone else have nominate it earlier. Simple, right??   

Here are the categories that are open for nominations :-

Most Influential Blog
In every community, there are 'alpha' bloggers, the ones other bloggers look to as the benchmark for comparison. This blog is the de facto leader of the pack, with the uncanny ability to set trends on the blogosphere 

Best Micro Blog
Blogging has evolved over the years, and micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter and Weibo have become massively popular outlets of expression as well. This micro-blogger is one you follow for his/her interesting updates on their daily lives, or on any topics the micro-blogger often updates about.
* Only micro-blog accounts which are public will be eligible for
Best Entertainment Blog
At the forefront of new media, entertainment blogs represent a shift in the way we get the latest scoops.
This blog is the one you go to for first-hand experiences of cool places to be, happening events to check out, or just to keep up with what your favourite celebrities might be up to

Best Food Blog
Trustworthy reviews to delightful delicacies and scrumptious cuisine can easily be found on blogs thanks to our foodie bloggers. This blog may contain impossibly detailed food reviews, recipes for amazing home-cooked meals, and never fails to make you hungry immediately.

Best Travel Blog
Travelling is an escapist's fantasy to go someplace new, exciting. To leave one's worry behind, albeit temporarily, and indulge in the experiences yet unknown. This blog is your first stop for to-do-on-vacation tips, and your place to learn about everything foreign and exotic.

Best Fashion Blog
They are the one that blurs the line between having a bad fashion sense and being caught by fashion police.
This blog may play a huge part in the way you dress, and you often read this blog to see if you should be wearing polka dots or the colour mauve this season.
Best Photography Blog
Photography is often at the heart of a blogger's soul, and is the closest anyone can get to looking at life through another person's eyes. This blog serves as your inspiration and may be your go-to for photography tips, or just a blog you know will offer you gorgeous photos of both the extraordinary and the mundane

Best Geek Blog
Embrace your inner geek, for the geek shall inherit the earth, with all the knowledge (read: power) that they have. This blog is your guru in various fields, ranging from the latest technology to recent games, automobiles and shiny gadgets.

Best Parenting Blog
Parenting is a whole new level in life, both incredibly rewarding and but like stepping into the great unknown at the same time. This blog is where you find tremendous help and comfort on your journey, where you share tips and stories with other like-minded parents when you're venturing down the path of parenthood.

Best Lifestyle Blog
One of the reasons we all love reading blogs is because it offers us a glimpse into the wide variety of very different lifestyles different people lead, and lets us get personal with someone we may never have met before. This blog is one that intrigues you with what the blogger is up to, from the places they've been, the experiences they've had, the things they love to the friends they've made.

Most Original Blog Design
Good design is often a blend of art and science which can be hard to put a finger on; a good blog design simply makes you go WOW. This blog has a design unique to its ownself, with a  template created from scratch and is not replicated in its entirety anywhere else.

Hidden Gem
Every now and then, you find this diamond in the rough. It's like your secret favourite song that you love to bits yet no one else really notices. This blog is something special, whether it be the spellbinding words, photos out of this world, an unbelievably quirky sense of humour, or anything else that catches your fancy; yet you can't believe that nobody knows about this blog but you.
*This category will have 6 finalists instead of 5 like the others, in order to provide representation for each of the 6 countries involved in the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards.

So lets wait no more !!

Hurry up and nominate for your favourite blog for each category by clicking ====> HERE

Again, nomination periods ends on 11.59 pm , 7th Nov 2011. Only few days left, readers !!!!!!!


puanbee said...

salam sha join erk ? good luck!

Unknown said...

Thanks Bee....! :))

AJ said...

nuffnang memang best..teringat lagi first time menang contest nuffnang hadiah worth rm1K+ a few month lepas join nuffnang....noww....nuffnang make my work life balance merrier..

Myvitrd said...

good luck for u

madammondoq said...

wah!! good luck u!! moga leh jumpa sana sama-sama nanti!!

Unknown said...

eyriqazz....tahniah to u too sbb dpt nikmati sumer tu...terus sokong nuffnang yeh?

myvitrd ....Thanks awak!!! insyaAllah :))

madam....hehe, nak sgt jumpa awak lagi...pose2x..ngeh3...good luck to u too..

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

hopefully you get to win the invites! all the best! :D


Unknown said...

teh tarik drinker.....oh how i wish 2 win the invitees!!!! :) tq tq tq!!!

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