Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How confidence has changed my life?

Wink-WInk!!  Hello readers? Its Wednesday today.....Such a lovely mid-weekdays, huh? Counting for weekend, yo?? Hu Hu Hu.....Most probably everyone is looking forward to celebrate Hari Raya AidilAdha on this Sunday and enjoying the Monday-blues as Public Holiday's replacement !! yeayyy......!

In conjunction with a contest hosted by another howt~popular~famous blogger named Hanis Zalikha, via her personal blog :, let me share my story on How Confidence Has Changed My Life.


It all begins when I was in my primary school, somewhere T.W.E.N.T.Y Y.E.A.R.S. ago...Wowwww quite some time, huh? When I was in standard four, I am very talkative and I have so many good friends. Oh, and not-so-good friends too. :))

My class teacher have divided the students into 6 groups based on our performance and myself has been selected for group 1. Awesome, huh?

I like Mathematic the most as the teacher is absolutely very good in motivating us to love the subject. In every M3 class our teacher will spend the first 10 minutes with multiplication. Auwww! *Susahnya Sifir* !!! She always ask her students randomly. At times I can answer, at times I just lost! Ha Ha Ha. However at the same time my other group members are damn clever and they can easily answer. Oh Gosh! How I wish I could be just like them? From day to day I become brave and buld up my level of confidence, as I am competing with other intelligence and clever girls and boys. :) Hu Hu..sounds good, uh?

From there I trust myself and always have faith in myself. At the same time, I enjoyed poem recitry and won the competition during Bahasa Malaysia Week that being held in my school. If Im not mistaken the title of the poem is 'Bunga Popi' by A Samad Said. When my family and I moved from Malacca to Subang Jaya, I continue my interest in poem recitry as well but this time I lost to a good poetry. Even though I won a second place in the competition but I enjoyed it to the most!

Later part, my public speaking being tested again when I took part in a Debate Competition during my one-year matriculation. Oh yeah, I m not the winner though but it was so cool to have the experience to speak up! Yeayyyy !! 

Overall its a good thing when you can gain the confidence and see things differently. I am who I am.

Thanks Hanis Zalikha !!!!!!!!




ぱりざん されふ said...

keyakinan itu dibina atas keberanian.usahalah tingkatkan keberanian hari demi hari untuk mendapatkan sebuah keyakinan :D

lilyothman said...


hanani said...

yer la..semua orang kena ada rasa keyakinan diri kan.. Good luck :)

Unknown said...

rehal kayu...yup2x....kalau tak dipecahkan ruyung manakan dpt sagunya?huhuhuhu

lily......thanks yunk!

hanani : thanks awak....betul..kena ade guts dlm diri...huhu

Jai Montana said...

letakkan keyakinan kepadaNya secara total.insyallah segala qada dan qadarNya kita dapat terima dengan hati yang terbuka.. ;-)

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