Friday, January 14, 2011

should i change my job??

Everybody will have the same situation but i bet you, in a different scenario.

By next Monday, 17th Jan i shall be able to make a decision....hard decision in my life......that may effect the whole entire of my life....that may add in stress to myself n people that i love.

Hahaha..sounds very serious, yeah ??

However in this life i always believe that you are not alone....and we have to admit that we did not depend on one or two person only, but you have the world !

I guess, the most important thing is my husband and my parents are fully aware on the plan and they blessed me ... yeayyy

How about you out there ???

Had any experience before ?? Care to share it here ? Go ahead and drop a few words or lines, OK?



Anonymous said...

fikir dan buat keputusan mengikut keperluan jgn ikut hati yeh.. =)

your belurved hubby.

Nenek Vogue said...


wah..romantis suami asya. :)

buatlah apa yang kita rasa selesa dan lebih penting restu suami dan keluarga dan ada. teruskan.


th3b0r3dshA said...

thks for the support dear..

untuk nenek vogue ..yup kdg2 kita kene buat apa yg selesa tetapi kalau terlalu complacent kita tak dapat uji diri sendiri dgn cabaran / task kerja yg baru.....hoho anyway thks for droppin by n kasik ur advise.....


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