Tuesday, January 18, 2011

its today...18th Jan

new history will be created in the next ..

..say about 10 hours time ? or it could be lesser than that...? we'll see...something for u ..my beloved readers to check it out..

what its all about?? well, its nothing else but a life that needs to go on...

I always believe that one has to sacrifice something in order to gain something..isnt it true?

We should not be complacent with what ever that we have..yeah indeed, we must be thankful, but it is wrong for us to take up the new challenges..?
Is it too bad for one to holding the 'question mark' in their hands?

Or do we want to see a continuos 'dotted dot' without any ending? Or is it good to leave a 'space' forever?

Come On , people !!

Live your life...

Decide and make it happen !! today...!

and the best quote for today is...lets walk the TALK.



Anonymous said...

no new entry ??

Anonymous said...

no new entry??hehe by ende

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