Wednesday, May 9, 2012

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV will rawkkk you !!


Hello everyone.... !!! This time round I'm gonna wake you up with the coolest & latest technology in television proudly brought to you by LG !!!!! :) How cool is that?? Heeeeee..... You better roll over to discover !!!

With a chance to win myself a LG Blu-Ray Player, Home Theather system and spanking new 42” Cinema Screen LTV, I'll definitely want to join this grand event and want to excite my senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV !!!!! Oh yeah !!!!!!!! :) :) :) Isnt "Life's Good" is indeed a good LG's motto ?? I find it yes.....

So.................. what is LG Cinema 3D Smart TV all about ???? Let's refer to below criteria :-

Certified Flicker-Free

Now you can enjoy 3D TV at home without the inconveniences and discomfort of the normal 3D glasses !!! No dizziness at all !!! Hooray !!!!!


Now you can watch all the precious moments and important scenes without a power-failure !!!! No more reason like No battery and Having a power-failure !!! No recharging at all !!!! *clap clap clap*

Electromagnetic Waves-Free

No more 3D TV glasses that content lithium-ion battery and other electronic equipments !! No more electromagnetic glasses and be safe !!!!!! :))

3D Light Boost

With the CINEMA 3D you are going to loveeeeeeeee the clearer and brighter pictures !!! Thanks to 3D Light Boost Technology !! *fuhhhh*     *amaze me*

Wider Viewing Angle

Gather all your family members and watch the fantastic moments at the same time but in a different angle !! Ohhh and a wider angle too !!!!!!! Enjoy it to the most especially when all of you scream .............................
" GOALLLLLL " !!!!!!!!!

Flexible Viewing Positions

In what everrrr positions of you while watching TV, you are getting the 3D at all the time !!!!! Now those lovely parents can crawl together with their baby while watching TV !! Hiks !!!

Lightweight 3D Glasses

Such a lightttttt and lighttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt 16 gram 3D Glasses !!! Ahha !!!


No more double images on 3D TV now , Thank you to Next Generation 3D Panel. *Blink-eyes*

Reasonably-Price 3D Glasses

Ohh this must be the most preferred criteria of LG Cinema 3D Smart TV as everyone can save their $$$$$ more. Yes, you will be offered a cheaper 3D Glasses ever !!! *fainted*

Wanna reckee some of the picture of LG Cinema 3D Smart TV??? Here you go...............

With that I hope to be selected as Nuffnang's Blogger during this grand event as below details :-

Date: 19th May 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 6.30pm – 8:30pm
Venue: Courtyard Garden, Bukit Damansara

You may get more info about LG via THIS LINK

Thank you.


Unknown said...

wah, event Nuffnang ye =)

Nadine said...

Hi Sha,

Salam kenal kembali :) Was nice to have a short chat with u at T&T launch. Sorry tak sempat nak beramah mesra haritu, so occupied dgn my twin babies :)
would love to meet u again in near future. keep in touch! :)

Unknown said...


yeap, Wan dah submit entry ke belom ???

Unknown said...


no worries..for sure we will keep in touch !!!
nice meeting you too :)

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