Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nuffnang Is Turning 5!

Assalamualaikum ???

Hello LOVELIES !!!??

In case you have not meet the famous Nuffnang stick man, please scroll down :- would like to present....


Presenting....the one and only Nuffnang Stick Man !!!!!

For your information, this coming 26th February, Nuffnang is turning 5! Looking back, I only signed up with Nuffnang 1 year ago...and that is since January 2011, however I started to be a serious blogger :) since August 2011. :))

As a proud Nuffnanger, The famous Nuffnang stick man should celebrate his 5th birthday in everything F.I.V.E !!!!!  Yeah nothing else but F.I.V.E !!!!!!

Let's understand the concept of F.I.V.E....

Five birthday cakes !!
 Each cake has a different taste & flavour, namely Chocolate Moist Cake, Durian Yummy Cake, Vanilla Ice Cake, Cheese Blueberry Cake & Tutti Frutty Cake

 Five layer birthday cake !!
Five delicious cakes and each cake has 5 layers and that is suppose to be 25 layers cake for all the lovely Nuffles and Nuffnangers !!!

Five activities between Nuffles & Nuffnangers !!
namely, Musical Japanese Chair, Karaoke Hindi Song, Pop Quiz,  RM100.00 Money Drop & Guess Nuffles's Favourite EURO2012 Team !!!

Five soft drinks !!
Orange, Sarsaparilla, Diet Coke, Strawberry and Grape 

And yes you can find the details of the event as above... Cant wait for the meaningfull event between Nuffnangers and the Nuffles for the year 2012 !!!!


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